Monday, May 13, 2013

The Mammas Around Me

She has been my mom for 35 Mother's Days.  She's a pistol.  

B-Lowe's sister: she has been a mom for 9 Mother's Days.  She's the best play mate to her kids and their greatest protector.

My sister: she has been a mom for 4 Mother's Days.  She's the smartest and the healthiest.

3 of my moms: Mom, Aunt Janeal, and Aunt Lu'ene.  Muah!  The best of the best of the best!!

B-Lowe's mom: she's the kindest woman and a fabulous hostess.

I love their company.

I love their maternal wit.

I love watching them hold babies with their seasoned hands.  Their pro's, aren't they?

I love taking their picture.

The kisses they receive (me & Jesse, Jesse & me).

Their willingness to jump into a game of kick ball.

And make sure every kid is having fun.

I love their nesting abilities.

I love their adoptive instincts.

I love their determination to make their kids feel special.

I love the way they look at their sons.

There's something deep between a mom and her son.

I love their laugh when they are with their children.

I love ALL the stinkin' Mamma-ness!!  I hope your Mother's Day was something fine!

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