Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Love and Marriage

Every night, I remove my eye make up with Mary Kay Oil-Free Eye Make Up Remover on cotton balls.  I then toss the soiled cotton balls into the toilet bowl, next to the sink.  Sometimes I forget to flush.

The other night, after I finished removing my make up and brushing my teeth, B-Lowe entered the bathroom.  Shortly thereafter, he hollers: 

"OHHH!  Ewww!!!!  Honey, PLEASE-PLEASE flush the toilet after you poop every night.  I'm so tired of walking into this crap when it's my turn to come in here!"

I told him they were cotton balls.

"You use COTTON BALLS to wipe your butt?!?!"

Please press play:

Yur Lil' Cotton Ball

Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Missing Them.

I had family over last weekend.  I wanted to share some images of the beloved damage I hated to clean up.

This is where my nephew drew Tic-Tac-Toe on my coffee table.  I left it there for 3 days.  I hated moving it.

So, it's on my fridge until I die.

B-Lowe was HERE!

And here.  

Dishes.  See that to-die-for golden bowl on your right?  It's my sister-in-law's, Jamie Shopper Pants.  I love the design.  

Remnants of Fritos which accompanied my other sister-in-law, Lindser Windser's, sensational Chili.  

I ate a lot of it.

Because it's sensational.

This is what is left of the veggie tray.  I'm posting this so my Trainer, Marshall Maximus sees I ate something healthy so I don't get in trouble at boot camp.

More on my pulled groin muscles later.  Or is that T.M.I.?

Soda pop--and lots of it.  Cousin Farmer Jon drank most of the Pepsi.  Thank you, Farmer Jon, for drinking most of the Pepsi, or I would have.

Mama Sita brought gluten-free cupcakes.  Their gone, baby, gone!

My table is left with the following:
  • Fragments of frosting and candy from the ginger bread cookies the kiddies decorated.
  • Paper towels for runny noses and chili caked mouths.
  • Diet Mountain Dew enjoyed by my brother-in-law, Mike.
  • Finger prints from everyone in the universe with posable thumbs.
What a cool day with cool people.  I'm missing every one of them.

I must end this post abruptly as Diesel is, ahem, "loving" one of my living room pillows.  My mother would die.

Over and out!

Monday, November 26, 2012

The Sweeper & The Herder

The weekend began with my husband saying: "I should get the leaves up off the lawn.  It's about that time." Which, for me, means, picture time (everything can be a blog post around here)!  I'm here for you.

I give you: The Sweeper!  It's cool.

I give you: The Pesky Steer, who likes to chase the sweeper.

And the 4-Wheeler.

And us.

Where's the shovel?

B-Lowe said he got "ME" a new pin-thingy to easily attach the sweeper to the riding lawn mower.  Isn't that nice?  

As you can see, it works great.  




Eventually, the sweeper gets full and you need a plan.  Or, a guy with a plan--that's the route I take.  

Remember the post about B-Lowe teaching the steer to stay?  You're about to see the fruit of his genius. 

He pulls back the electric wire.  I took pictures.  It's what I do.

He tells ME to get on the mower-thingy (that's its scientific term) and pull the sweeper through.

While he blocks the gate with the 4-wheeler.

"Keep going to the back!  We'll empty the sweeper back there" he says.

So I push on.

B-Lowe maneuvers the 4-wheeler in order to do something unknown to me.  I'm just driving this thing.

I hope he has a plan.  Otherwise, it's me, a full sweeper, 

a cow, and a Standard Poodle.

Speaking of a Standard Poodle, is she doing what I think she's doing?

Is she keeping the steer away from the humans at work?

B-Lowe must have noticed too...

Because he's telling her to do it again.

Uh-oh!  I hope she hurry's it up because he's coming my way to be pesky.

 She approaches (she's on the far left of this picture).

She gets his attention.

She turns him around.

He turns her around.  Stubborn little steer.

But she's quicker.

And smarter.

And apparently, she has God-given herding instincts.

Which is fine with us because in the mean-time, B-Lowe walked to the back of the pasture, he had me drive the mower forward while he emptied the sweeper, then we headed back to the gate.

B-Lowe waited for me on the 4-wheeler.  Jesse received praise for her efforts to this successful operation.

And she kept it up!

I pulled the sweeper forward.  She kept the steer away from the open gate.

B-Lowe quickly re-positioned the 4-wheeler back to a blocking position.

Jesse took care of the bovine.

Gate is blocked.

B-Lowe thought that worked out great.  A real team effort!  

In fact, he thought it worked out SO well, he removed his jacket and told me to put it on and keep sweeping.

Hey!  What?!  

B-Lowe, can we talk?  I take the pictures, you do the yard stuff.  

He grinned and told me to keep going.


What are you ducks looking at?  Go, lay an egg or something!!!