Thursday, May 30, 2013

Just Call Me Mary Poppins

Today, my mom and I watched my sister's little tykes.  This enabled my sister to do any of the following:

Clean her house.

Shave her legs.

Feed the cat.

The time was all hers.  I packed my Mary Poppins bag and away I went.

Our first activity, was toilet paper bowling.  I had fun drawing all the funny faces on the rolls.  

My nephew loved it.

He learned to throw the ball hard or soft.

At first, he was gentle and knocked a few rolls down.

Then, he really went for it.


My baby-lamb nephew liked walking between the towers.  He just recently mastered being a two-footed creature.  

His older brother told him to get out of the way....important business was taking place.

No time for a baby.

Next up--pipe cleaners in the colanders!

The kids loved it.  I was amazed how long this lasted.  The bag of pipe cleaners was $2.39 and I already had 2 colanders in my kitchen for each child.  

Not only was this cheap and easy-peasy...

 This is an official fine motor skills activity.

I'm all about child development.

I'm also all about color.

I'm likewise all about babies.

I love how the boys thought to place the finished product on their heads.  Of course!

Then, we played the alphabet matching game.

I wrote the alphabet on a paper towel roll, and on colorful stickers.

The cute 4-year-old matched the letters.  He hung in there through the entire alphabet.  

Ready for pom-poms?

Who doesn't love soft, fuzzy pom-pom's?

Another fine motor skills activity....each child had to place the pom-pom's into their water bottles.

This was fun to watch.


He is very smart.

We showed him one time what to do and he had it down.

His big brother was determined to beat him.

He totally won.

Anyone seen the shop vac?

I love his baby body.  Definitely a nursing baby body.

"Yayyyy!!!!!!"  He did it.

This one informed me, he did it too and faster and better.

Raise your hand if you know how I should get the balls out of there.

Cheering for his brother.

I'll be back later with more pictures of our play day.

I hope these babies are sleeping soundly right now.  Good night, my nephews!  

Aunt Mary Poppins

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