Saturday, May 25, 2013

Adam & Eve

THIS, ladies 'n gents, is what Katie calls the Adam & Eve Game.  

Find a partner and hold a single apple between your foreheads, like so.  Why?  Because I'm all about bringing people closer and breaking the ice.  This is the perfect party starter!!

Once you have safely secured your apple, wait and listen for the commands.  If you drop your apple, you're out.  Last pair of folks with the apple secure, wins.  

"Take three steps to the North!"  I commanded.  It helps if your leader is naturally bossy.

"Take three steps to the South!"

"Squat down, then come back up!"

"Jump!"  The jumps are the dreaded part of this game and few survive.

B-Lowe and my brother won this round due to B-Lowe's strategy which he is explaining here.  Their apple survived the following commands: "Take eight steps to the South.  Take eight steps to the North.  Jump.  Walk six steps east.  Jump.  Jump.  Jump again."

The BEST part about this game is everyone laughs and laughs; participants and spectators alike!

Get the family together this Memorial weekend, buy a bag of apples, and have a blast.

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