Friday, May 24, 2013

Tears Of Wow

I taught a Bible study last night about fear.  My original intent was to write "Gone With The Wind" about Genesis 15:1-6, but God kept stopping me at verse 1 as if to say: "Stay here.  Go no further."  However, I left the study feeling disappointed...I worried it was confusing, or not enough, or too much and my beloved group of little women were somber about the lesson questions.  I chalked the study up to, "well, back to the drawing board for next time...".  I sighed heavily and drove home after dinner with a few of them.

Enter Amanda, my buddy, who commented on my Facebook page just today: "The Lord will reveal in His timing!  You can take that to the bank!"  She's right.  I was wrong to assume any lack of God's wonders.  God, forgive me for despairing or feeling any failure--with You, there is no failure.  Unbeknownst to me last night, a few women were in dire straights emotionally when they sat down in their chairs and the study held them up.  This afternoon, Amanda delivered tidings of great joy through this video to me.  I loved it, and I hated it.  I had to push pause 4.5 times to catch my breath.  My dog, Jesse, came to me and gave me her paw and leaned in.  I was prideful and thought I didn't need the tissue Amanda suggested.  I caved.  Said tissue is drenched.

Bottom line--how deep the Father's love for us!!!!  He is the Perfect Comforter in our fear, our despair, our dashed spirits.  I'm humbled my meek study gave hope to my little group of women.  I pray for them.

WHERE is the dang Ibprofin?!!

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