Wednesday, May 29, 2013

By George, They Did It!

Until now, this was as good as it got for my baby geese and the pink pool.

They would stand next to it.

They would draw from its waters.

But, they have never gotten IN the pool, until just now.  I think Jesse, the nanny, had a hunch today was the day.


Ruby's IN, ladies & gentlemen!  

R-U-B-Y is IN the pool in a dash!!

And there she is, ladies and gentlemen, she surfaced to the top and has survived her first dunk in the pink pool.

What, ladies and gentlemen, I wonder, do the remaining two geese think about this?  WILL they jump?

That is the question right now, folks, WILL THEY TAKE THE PLUNGE?!!

Right now, Ruby is under water having the time of her life.  Let's see if we can get a little closer and hear her reaction...

Ruby!  I'm the Editor-In-Chief for The Lowe Down blog, can I get a few words from you about how you feel right now?  What's it like taking your first swim in big water?  What do you have to say?

"It's so nice having the depth for my large legs and feet.  I don't know what I was afraid of, this is the best decision I ever made."

Ruby!  Do you see yourself getting in and out of this pool frequently from now on?  Is this the turning point in your life from the small duck pool, to big water--what are your thoughts Ruby, WHAT are your thoughts?!!!

"I certainly do think I'll be back.  This is a great hang out.  I'd like to thank my Maker, my mamma, my Nanny Jesse, and Wal-Mart for supporting this right of passage in my life."

Not long afterwards, her sisters joined her.

Then they all jumped out and flapped water off their backs.  Jesse, the professional nanny, standing by.

She knows CPR.

I love her.

She loves geese.

She is aware of their every move and nothing gets by her unknowningly.  

Did I spell that right?  Unknow-ing-ly?  Unknow-in-ly?  Unknowingly?  My brain hurts.

The ducks came over to watch the 'fraidy cats', bills wide open, in disbelief.

Eliza Jane played cool.

The ducks would never give the geese the satisfaction of knowing they care about their presence on this earth.

I even heard this duck say as she walked away, "Talk to the butt feathers, twerps!"

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