Thursday, May 2, 2013

B-Lowe Pictures

I was going through photographs on our laptop and found pictures B-Lowe took I didn't know about.  These were taken on a road trip through Montana a couple of years ago.  I've been wondering why and what he was trying to capture.  Any guesses?

Did he like the way I held my giant 44 oz. Diet Coke skillfully with one hand and drove his truck with the other hand?

Maybe it's the way I place the straw on the far right side of my mouth like a retard.  Do I really drink like that?  Do I really suck my cheeks in that way?  Call me 'Trout'.

Maybe he was thinking of sending these pictures to me later as a reminder to get my roots re-colored bright Reba red.  I love Reba.  I can sing any Reba song on a whim:  "When whoever's in New England's through with youuuuuuuu--OH and Boston finds better thangs to dooooooooo--OH you know it's not too laaaaate--and you'll always have a place to come back to--when whoever's in New England's through with you."

I'm back.

Maybe he liked my turquoise earrings given to me by a Navajo gal I worked with at UPS in Phoenix.  We emptied truck trailers together all night.  Package, after package, after package, lined multiple conveyor belts being sorted for their final destination.  My Navajo friend thought I was a hard worker and told me I deserved them and they were a token of her friendship.  I loved her.  Her name was Candice.

Maybe he was thinking about how grateful he is I uniquely fold his underwear in military style squares.    

I like B-Lowe's surprise pictures.  I hope I find some more.  I'll keep you posted.  It's #49 on the list of things I love about him.  

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