Friday, May 3, 2013

Harriet & Other Critters Around Here

Harriet went to see Dr. Moss, DVM, for her check-up yesterday about her infected leg.  She was so good during the car ride.  She liked the small dog cage verses a box taped shut with air holes in it.  

I'm a new mother.  Don't judge me.

I have pro's and con's to report.  

Pro: The swelling in 3/4 of her leg has gone down.

Con: The joint itself is still significantly swollen, which worries Dr. Moss. 

Pro: Her strength is much better.  Her eyes are brighter.

Con: She has a temperature of 108.5.

Pro: Because she has finished the 10 day round of antibiotics, she can't infect her feathered friends, and she may return to her regularly scheduled program of having a life again.

Con: She will most likely limp the rest of her life.

Pro: Dr. Moss said to keep an eye on her.  If she gets sick again, he wrote a Rx for another round of meds.  I'm suppose to administer 5 days worth, then, he will have to lance and drain the joint and she will continue on with the remaining 5 days of antibiotics.

Con: Cost of joint drain will be around $200, and there is still a chance she could lose the leg (worse case scenario).

  I put her right in the pool when we returned from the vet's office.

My heart took a picture as she splashed and hung out with Hester Sue.

I think Hester Sue missed her.  She didn't leave Harriet's side.  Hester Sue caught Harriet up on all the gossip.

In the meantime, I have these whipper-snappers running around, growing like the weeds they eat.

Oh, how I love them!

They are the window that provides a closer look into God's heart.  Goslings are the epitome of affection and fun.

Please keep praying for my Harriet.

I know she's just a duck.

And most people would have just chopped her head off by now.

But I would miss her big Texas-gal-style-hair-do and those great big eyes.  I'm giving her the best life I can.  

Diesel has no idea what's going on.  It's cool, Dies Man, it's cool.

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