Saturday, March 15, 2014

I Won't See Him

I lost Diesel yesterday.  I won't see him around anymore.  The reality of a loss always sets in the next day, doesn't it?

My first Pug ever, was Rosie.  She was a foster-adopt situation.  She was transferred from the Katrina disaster to the Humane Society in Phoenix, AZ.  She was being treated for an eye injury, heart-worm and depression.  She lost her owners.  I loved her.  I don't see her anymore, but, she gave me a forever love for Pugs.  Here she is tagging along at a horse show in Scottsdale, AZ.

I won't see him enjoy outings anymore.

I won't see him napping.

I won't see him act kingly around large animals 100x his size.

I won't see him accidentally sit on horse apples.

He's the third dog we've lost over the last year-and-a-half.

He could get along with anything that walked.

He would share a good dog pillow with any of them.  I won't see that anymore.

I won't see him with Jesse who licked his ears.

I won't see him with his baby.

Or this baby.

Or this baby.  We buried him with this one.

I won't see him on the couch.

I won't see him having a snooze-fest beside the fireplace.  Oh, how he loved the fireplace!

I won't see him enjoying a good-ol' basket of clean laundry (B-Lowe won't miss that).  

I do have these pictures.  

I do have the comfort knowing I put his pain before my own and let him go.  

I do have my love for Pugs that will continue to infinity and beyond.

Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Fowl Gossip

Spring is coming.

The ducks told me so.

They let me in on something else, too.

Something about Sammie.

The latest fowl gossip is there's a new nest in town.

Sammie, finally, is the first of my geese to lay eggs.

 My beautiful gosling, born one year ago, is all grown up.  Officially.

Which explains why she's been acting quite testy of late, chasing the other geese around.

I sat on my nest for nine months and was quite testy as well.

My hatchling came out January 28th.  Another beautiful, perfect creature around here.

Everybody lay some eggs!