Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Hug Your Dog

Our Jesse-girl came down with GDV (colic) a couple of nights ago.  She underwent emergency surgery and survived.

When B-Lowe picked her up, she was ready to get out of there.

We had our pup, our "Mina", back in bed with us last night.

She is sore, but doing pretty well, considering what has happened to her insides.  God is good!

Hug your dog.  Do it now.

Thursday, September 25, 2014


Good morning.  I can say that NOW.  I could not say that 15 minutes ago.

I rolled out of bed, traveled slowly to the kitchen to make my coffee.  My Cinnamon Swirl coffee--a happy place for any woman.  I dipped my measuring spoon deep into the container; John Denver's classic, Annie's Song, began playing in my head as my senses were filled with that cinnamon wonder...

"You fill up my a night in the the mountain in sprrrring time..."

And, CRASH!  My hand hit an obstacle on the way to the coffee machine and this happened:

Annie's Song pleasantry fell into the pit.

A deep pit.

A pit of hell and hades.

I turned around to take a cleansing breath and I see my fowl waddling to their water hole.  I walked outside in my nightgown to say hi.  The Lord gives me a lot of joy from these crazies.

The sunrise seemed to call out Revelation 21:5, "I am making everything new!"  Suddenly, I felt a re-do.  I think those two lines just rhymed.

Never mind.

Drink your coffee.