Friday, April 29, 2011

Hen House News: Ruth Study Launch A Splendid Success

" often would I have gathered they children together, even as a hen gathers 
her chickens under her wings".  Matthew 23:37

Good news from the coop!  Ruth study launch rocked.  Six beautiful women came and read Ruth 1:1-18 with me.  Here are some pics of the scene tonight.  

Let's get this party started!

Down to business

My happy Carrie.  Carrie let's me watch her cook and
follow her around at Wal-Mart.  She led me to a fun magazine/website
for Sur La Table.  I like it.  You'd like it too.  Go forth and buy! 

Pretty Ashley.  Ashley had on a very cool t-shirt with
a Marilyn Monroe print.  I wanted it.  But she's thinner than me
so I thought it best the shirt stay where it can be displayed without
massive distortion.  If I wear it, the print will go from Marilyn Monroe to
Chris Farley.  Just sayin'.

This is Superb Sara.  I love this pic cause it shows a woman
muscling through biblical text; talking about how Naomi and Ruth
bonded together through the same losses.  Good stuff.
Sara's yellow skirt is also good stuff.  

Absolutely amazing.  Amanda came with NOTES people.  I'm talkin'
'bout a prepared daughter of God who even looked up the meaning of the
characters names.  When you do the homework, you'll contribute mightily
to our conversations.  I love Amanda.  She wears green golashes like no one
else could.  NO ONE.

  Exhibit A:  Amanda's green golashes.
She wears them with her skinny jeans tucked inside.  
She walks around looking like an Eddie Bauer Outdoors magazine add.
Only Amanda could get away with that look.

OH THE BEAUTIFUL BIBLES!  Everyones Bibles are unique.  Different
colors, different sizes, and the pens and notebooks and study guides filled
in with notes make me want to sing.  Here I go:  "THE HILLS ARE ALIVE,

Pug hair officially and forever removed from my rug thanks
to my new Kirby vacuum.  God is good.
Next Hen House Study scheduled for May 12th @ 7pm.

Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Hen House Study: Ruth Week 1

" often would I have gathered thy children together, even as a hen gathereth her chickens under her wings."  
Matthew 23:37 KJV

Friday April 29, 2011 @ 7pm
Ruth 1:1-18


She Gave Up Everything

Expecting Nothing

And God Honored Her.

Bible Study Questions:
From Francine Rivers, Unshaken, 2001

1. There are many life-changing events that come into our lives.  List all the life-changing events you find in the above passage.

2.  How many of these events were the result of Naomi's choices?

3.  What is her response to these events?

4.  What do you learn about Naomi's daughters-in-law?

5.  What choices did they make?

6.  With whom do you identify?

1.  What life-changing events have you experienced?

2.  Who helped you through these events?

3.  What kind of counsel did you receive?

Read James 3:13-18 and meditate on God's word.
  • Based on your contrast of wisdom from the passage you just read, which kind of wisdom do you seek?  Which kind of wisdom do you impart to others?

You will receive a hard copy of this lesson when you arrive at the bible study.  Email me if you need my address:  I love you!  See you Friday night.  

Next study will be posted here:
Do your homework!
Your Teacher, The Red Hen
Clipart courtesy FCIT  

Friday, April 15, 2011

Hair on fire--not complaining!

Howdy!  I'm a wife, a Christian, a wrangler of four dogs, and the lady of a one-acre homestead.  I love my husband and I love the Bible big time and can't contain my joy.  Here I will share the fun, the sentiments, the inexplicable happiness, and the goodness of God--it's too good to keep it all to myself.

Mrs. Lowe (a.k.a. Hopelessly Flawed)