Sunday, May 19, 2013

Summer's Comin'!

Summer's comin!  That means, "The Lake".

That means, cute babies.

That means, beautiful views.

It means the smell of freshly bailed Idaho hay.

It means my husband and his sister will be on intravenous mega-doses of Allegra, and Claritin.

The Lake means still waters.

The Lake means peace on earth.

The Lake says, "Welcome to your breathing space."

My breathing space....not B-Lowe or his sister's breathing space.  

Unless their water skiing, then they don't think about the fact they can't breathe for 15 minute increments.

It's Jesse's breathing space, too.

I've never seen a dog take in a view before.

Until last summer.

The Lake means walks on a gravel road at sunset (for the skinny people).

Last summer, I weighed 226 pounds and couldn't move.  This was not due to pregnancy or another good reason, I was just really into McDonalds.  

And Arby's.

And Mexican food.

And Wendy's, and In-n-Out Burger, and Diet Coke.

  All of the aforementioned sound delicious at this hour.

These are Jesse's elongated legs.

It cracked me up.

That's what she does.

The Lake means team work with the other families.  Cooking, cleaning, lending, borrowing, bartering for toilet paper and paper plates.

The Lake means bonding with the family we got and forever friends.

The Lake means sunscreen, mosquito repellant, dutch oven potatoes, and female conversation in camping chairs.

Jesse and I can't wait!


  1. Yay for summer! And camping! And long walks with cute dogs :)


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