Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Piglets...the cute bacon.

There were new piglets at the fair!  Tiny, black piglets, with their mamma.  I have been reading about pigs.  To my surprise, they are super friendly and super social and many people housebreak them and the pigs live in their home.

OUTSIDE pigs need shelter, spacious pens, and plenty of water for drinking and mud making.  They do not have the ability to sweat so keeping them cool and out of the sun is vital.

Pigs aren't for everyone.  I recently found an ad in the KSL classifieds where one pleaded for somebody, anybody, to come get his two pigs.  The ad read:

"The wife and I thought pigs would be a good idea.  Turns out it's NOT.  They are free, they are here, they are yours.  Come get them."

I laughed.

Let us not take our bacon for granted.  


Saturday, August 11, 2012

Tyler's Back Pack

My brother, Tyler.
A serious outdoorsman.
He could survive anywhere.
I went over to my mom's to see what was new and exciting.
Tyler had a new backpack for an upcoming hiking and camping trip with some buddies.
Our conversation went like this: "Nice backpack, buddy."
Tyler: "Thanks"
Me: "So, it's like, for holding a lot of stuff, right?"
Tyler: "Mmm hmm."
Me: "Will you show my readers how to properly mount up?"
Position #1:  Place backpack on the ground next to you, face down.
Position #2: Grab hold of the top of the pack.
Position #3: Brace pack against your knee while slipping your arm through one of the handles.
Position #4: Swing pack around to your back and place free arm through the unoccupied strap.
Like so.
Then you'll look like so.
What would you do without this blog?

Friday, August 10, 2012

Show Lambs!

The Weber County Fair!  I have waited for this all summer.  I am here to support my 4-H neighbors  show their stock.  This morning, I'm here to cheer on the "W" sisters who will present their show lambs.

Hello random girls!  I'm here at the fair!  Ahoy!  I'm so excited!

 Hello?  I love your lambs!

 Do they like kisses?

 4-H-er's have to wear dark jeans or black pants with a white shirt and their 4-H club badge pinned to their left sleeve.

I'm intelligent and observant.

Okay, and a 4-H leader told me.

 There was a happy buzz at the judges table.  Everyone in good spirits for day one of the fair.

 The show arena was full of moms, dads, grandpas, grandmas, babies, 4-H members, 4-H leaders, chihuahuas and show lambs.

 This is one of the "W" sisters.  She is around 11 years old.  Very beautiful, very nervous.

The pep talk from her dad went like this: "Don't screw it up, or I'll kick your butt."

 The man on the far left is the "W" sisters dad.  He and his wife are our area's 4-H leaders.

 Class #3: There is something about watching these kids showing their lambs that made me cry.

 I could see the practice they worked so hard on.

 The diligence in feeding quality grain every day packing weight on their lambs.

 Her lamb is called "Ladybug".  I love it.

 This is the judge inspecting Ladybug.  He pokes around the lamb's back feeling the size of the loin.  Will she make good eatin'?

 This is way better than Miss America contests.

 And he moves on to the next one.

 The line of lambs was impressive.

 They walk the lambs around the pen for the judge.

 The moment of truth.

 The parents.

 The final line up.

 She got 4th place!

 She survived.  And her big, fabulous hair made me put Paul Mitchell's Freeze and Hold hairspray on my grocery list.

 Back at the pens...




For everyone, in every division.

The next "W"' sister is 14 and is preparing for Class #11.  Her lamb weighs over 161 pounds.

 That means good eatin'!

 This is her aunt helping with the bath.  It's a family affair.

The cutie-patutie in the pink is a cousin.  She loves the show lambs.  She has to wait until she is eight years old to show one of her own.

Until then, she is six, rockin' her cowgirl boots and she will watch her big brother show his lamb.

Cleaning the lamb's legs.

Getting the soap off.

Dad even pitches in with hoof care.  It helps having a dad who is a farrier.

This gal in the grey tank top is helping her son bathe his lamb.  They are in the same 4-H group and this is their first show.

All clean.  Ready and waiting.

Picture time.

This sister is all dolled up and getting a picture with her lamb in show pose.

She learned how to set the lamb up at a 4-H clinic.

Here goes Class #11!  Isn't she CUTE in her jeans and sparkle belt?

The judge goes down the line.

Everyone holds onto their respective lamb as best they can.
This girl started showing at eight years old.  She's 14 now.


She holds the lamb's neck up and braces the lamb against her leg.  This stretches out the lamb's back and displays the delicious loin down the animal's back to the judge.

This is a big heavyweight class of 22 lambs.

She told me later that her mouth got dry out there standing around so long.

Parents and the aunt watching the class.  Watching the judge.

This division had a huge turn out.

Here comes the judge.  See him feel the loin down the lamb's back?

The judge asked them to walk the lambs around in a circle to inspect muscle and condition.  I pretended I was the red-head showing my lamb.

You can't help being so proud of these kids.  They worked hard all summer for this moment.

4-H teaches them hard work, leadership, how they can help feed the world and earn a prize for their efforts.

A loverly class.

I'm happy to announce this "W" sister's lamb placed 2nd in this class and went on to place 8th OVERALL.  

I hugged her then left to find the lemonade stand.

Then the hamburger stand.

Then left cause my worn out rubber flip-flops were a mistake to wear at a fair.

Peace out.