Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Living Room Project Day 6 & The Little Lamp That Is Born-Again

I don't have many pictures of said lamp because it wasn't photo worthy. The stand I liked but the dark maroon shade was like us before we accept Jesus as our Savior: Bent, cracked, and sad.  Then, one day, my mom found a lucsious golden shade for $10.
Now, said lamp shines Jesus!

I adorned him with a tassel made of green n' gold trims n' ribbons then a grape charm to top it off.  

Tassels rock.  More on that later.

Then Decorating Mom did her thang making the entry of our home less painful to behold.  She brought a piece called an "Abby Mirror" from her storage.  While I re-lived my favorite days watching Frauline Maria and her fellow Sisters at the Abby, my mom asked my husband to hang the mirror.  I'm sorry you missed my song and their conversation.  

As I sang "How Do You Solve A Problem Like Maria?" husband and mother had their first tiff over paint colors.  She wants to paint.  He wants white walls.  Look at Decorating Mom's face!!  You see, if you say to Decorating Mom: "I want my walls white" you might as well pee in her sink.  And she told him so.  "How do you find a word that means Mariaaaaaa?!!!!"
So they went to the woodshed.  Husband didn't come out.  Not really.  He was actually saved by the bell.  His friend Eddy Arnold stopped by.  They sat outside together with a glass bottled Coca-Cola and sang...."Make the World Go Away & Get It Off My Shoulders!".  
Here is the newest entry way improvement.  Believe me, it's an IMPROVEMENT.
A little goes a long way around here.  

I love the born-again shade.  I love the tea cup and saucer.  I love our picture.  I love how Decorating Mom incorporated my beloved horse and cow figurines.  
I love, love, love the white candle stick.  And atop the candlestick, see the candle I bought at Savers?  So cool.
Next, Decorating Mom brought a beautiful green quilt from home to cover the ugly 90's glass barricade.  
My love assisted with the evenness on both sides from down stairs.  My mom emphasized to him again COLOR on the walls would bring out all the aforementioned accents more.  He frowned.  He shuffled.  He left with Eddy Arnold back outside to the cold dreary world where husbands who don't want painted walls dwell.  Between the soft sobs I heard he and Eddy harmonizing:

"I'm sorry if I hurt you
I'll make it up - day by day
Just say you love me like you used to
And Make The World Go Away!"

Spray painted mirror and lamp shade.  Mirror appears to be hung too high but I think maybe a shelf will go below it.  That way I don't have to move the mirror.  With me?!
Dis ruum mo betta, no?
Come see it!  Hen House Study is tomorrow night at 7:00 p.m. here at my coop.  I'm making Hen House Pasta and buttered crispy bread.  As we eat and moan, we'll think about the 6 mile walk taking place after the study.

But for today, for this hour, for this girl, do me a favor....tell me if you like white walls or if painting is as second nature to you as it is for a mother who MUST feed her young.

Over and Out,
Mrs. B. Lowe

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