Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Living Room Project Day 5

Day 5: WINDOW SEAT.  Only two iteeeems purcheeeesed for theeeez space from Tai Pan.
Purchase #1: A glass cage thing.  We'll unwrap him in a moment.
Purchase #2:  This one is a sweet love.  I L.O.V.E. pineapple decor.  It brings back memories when my mom took a trip with my dad to Colonial Williamsburg where the pineapple is a well established design element in architecture, ceramics, and art.  Not only are they an essential element in the Christmas decorations of Colonial Williamsburg, but they have Christian significance as well.  Each pineapple plant gives its own life to produce a single fruit, and since 1681, the pineapple has been recognized as a Christian symbol. Around this time, Christopher Wren began using pineapple finials on churches.  Needless to say, Decorating Mom came back with many pineapple knick-knacks.   I've never been without them growing up.  My mom's door knocker is even a pineapple.
So Decorating Mom has two newly purchased items to work with along with my knick-knacks already around.  We'll let the artist work.  With what she has.  

Which isn't much.  

Because I hate shopping.  It sucks.  

Decorating sucks too.  

So Decorating Mom comes over.  

And I take pictures.  We've settled our differences in this way.

She hath opened the cool glass cage thing.  I don't know decor terms.  I would ask Decorating Mom but she's very busy.
Ah-hah!  Here, she hath used the $10 flower arrangement I picked up at Wal-Mart.  Remember?
Hi tea cup!  Everything I do, I do it for you!   Name the singer who made that song a hit.
That song came out in all its glory when I was a young teen living in Hawaii.
I had a humungo crush on this older teen boy named Aaron Jones.
Aaron Jones was two years older.  SIXTEEN!
I was fourteen and He was TAN.  
He had a messy gel'd up buzz cut.  The gel he used gave his hair the wet look.  Remember the wet look?  
He ALWAYS had his sunglasses on his head and hemp necklaces around his neck.  He lived to surf and rock.
I lived to.....oh, the window seat!  It's done!  How did I get on Waikiki Beach?  Wait a minute, Doc. Ah... Are you telling me that you built a time machine... out of a DeLorean?  
Back to June 21, 2011: Window seat, before...blech!
After!  Trust me, it's a better look.
When I took all my western decor out of this room, my cow rug went out with it.
But my Decorating Mom said, "Go gi't it!  Every house, no matter what the decor should have a cow rug somewhere.  It's unexpected.  Plus, it's YOU."
I didn't hesitate.  I ran, I arrived, I removed the grave clothes.  Behold!  Lazarus!
 We're getting there.  Where exactly that is, I know not.  Thank God for Decorating Mom's!!

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