Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Homeschool Lesson: Got Candles? Freeze 'em!

Today's homeschool lesson comes to us courtesy of Mama Sita.
One day, she opened her freezer to put food away and I saw....


My first thought was, "Oh dear, another Depression Era freak".  My own mom freezes everything cause she thinks she lived through the Depression.  You name it, it's in the freezer to "save".  If you ask her why she does this the answer is: "That's what we did when I was growing up.  We saved everything cause it was the bottom of the Depression."  She had no idea she never lived through the Depression until about five years ago when I explained the timeline.  "Your GRANDMA lived through the Depression, mom, not YOU."  She's still processing.  Bottom line, it's how she was raised.

However, on the normalcy spectrum, my mother-in-law (Mama Sita), just freezes candles.  There's no P.T.S.D. involved, just smarts.  I recommend you do everything Mama Sita says.  She has a clean house, a beautiful vegetable garden, and raised my successful husband -- all tremendous and highly credible feats.

Today's homeschool lesson: Thus says Mama Sita: Freeze thy candles!
Put candles in the freezer and they won't lose their scent.  If you store candles in the house via cupboards, shelves, etc., the warm temperatures of the room are depleting them of their fragrance.

I put my new candle in the freezer the day I bought it. I just took it out cause I'm ready to burn.  See the frost on the lid?  Monkey see, monkey do.

Homework: Got candles?  Freeze 'em!

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