Wednesday, June 8, 2011

For the Guys

To The Dearest Male Souls Who Visit This Blog:

I appreciate your patience as your woman checks into this site frequently.  I realize I am distracting her from precious time with you.  It may not get any better.  I have recruited some official "Contributors" to The Lowe Down who will be "Contributing" their God-given wisdom in everything from finance to cooking to decorating, even messy subjects such as orphans in this world.  Hence, more of her time may be spent with her hieny in the chair and her face in the computer screen.

You can receive this news in one of two ways:
  1. "I can't take the suspense!  I want to soak it all in NOW right along with her!"
  2. "Arrrrghh....your blog is SO stupid.  If you're going to take my remote deliverer away from me, can't you at least post something for guys too?"
If number two describes you, and I am assuming I'm correct, here are some photos and a video of my hunky husband doing "doughnuts" on the 4-wheeler in the snow.  I pray it pulls you through this time of all the maternal stuff, if that's possible.  Don't hold me to it though.  I'm a lousy promise keeper.  I'm always late and my laundry upkeep has a lousy lag time record.  So I'm saying consider the source.

Here's Gear Head starting up the 4-wheeler.  He is the best kisser.  His kiss is the origin of every prickle and tingle.....sorry.
He's suppose to be clearing snow in the parking lot at work.
And he did.  Some.
But when you're riding a Polaris Sportsman X2 800......

(Which means it has an 800 CC engine)....

(Which means its a big red 4 wheeler)....Gotta keep the gals clued in here.

Where was I?

When you're riding a Polaris Sportsman X2 800,  in the snow, and your a guy, and you know the possibilities which lay beneath your loins....
Who the freakin' heck wants to move snow?
When you can do this?!!  Pay attention men.  Mama cows, before you press play call out to your baby boys cause there's big wheels and noise involved.  

Lotsa love and then some,
Mr. B-Lowe's Woman

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