Thursday, June 2, 2011

Living Room Project Day 1

My idea for the new color scheme in our living room came from a single cup and saucer.  Thanks be to my sister-in-law, Jamie Bean, for bringing a cool consignment store into my life where I found said cup and saucer.
 This is Jamie Bean.  Hi Jamie Bean!  Thank you for taking me to that consignment store.  Thank you for taking care of me.  Thank you for always inviting me to go do things.  Thank you for letting me take your picture.  I love you.
And I love your hair.  Amen.  

Here they are.  Together.  Like Lil' Loretta n' Conway Twitty.  I love the green.  I don't do dark colors well.  Dark colors make me feel suffocated and raises the temperature in a room.  I don't like being hot.  Unless I'm really cold.  Nevermind.
 Moving right along before I make this post as long as 'Gone With the Wind'....I found this little cluster of flowers in a white tin at Wal-Mart for $10.
 I included them on a side table beside a couch.  My mom bought me that white clock.  I had it in a bathroom for years.  I kept Tampons in it.  But not anymore.  Tampons don't belong in a living room.  I think it's inappropriate, don't you?
 My mom suggested I paint this table white and age/sand it a bit with my feet.  Pedicure is scheduled.  TMI?
 OH!  Beautiful little pillow!  Another Wal-Mart find for $13.  I bought 2 of them.  I was anxiety ridden they wouldn't work.  Are they pretty?  Do they jive?  Should I go back for more?  Where's the Pepto Bismol?  Be right back.....
 I do love this.  I found it at another consignment store last weekend with my mom for $25.  
 I bought this at "Jamie's find" the same day I bought the cup and saucer. I like it.  A lot.  Did you know St. Patrick used the 3 leaf clover to demonstrate the trinity on his missions?  Tell your kids.  I believe that children are our future. 
This is me and my man.  I love him.  All of him.  Completely.  He's stuck.  He's mine.  And he's wearing a lime green shirt which matches colors I have going.  Right now this picture is on the window seat.  But I could move it.  Should I move it?  I don't know.  I don't do decor decisions well.  Immodium?!!
 When I was 8 my mom and dad bought me the Little House on the Prairie collection.  I love the greens, the pinks, and the mellow yellows the covers offer.  The spiked thing sitting on top of the book stack is a mailbox topper my Mama-Sita (mother-in-law) had in her garage.  She now knows I have it.  So she might want it back now.  So it may not be staying.  So the topper may be a short-lived thing.  I'll let you know what she says.  If she's still speaking to me after viewing this post.  
 It's a green dish.  Green being the key word.  Hence, it's just there.  It takes up space.  That's it.  It was a wedding gift at my 1st wedding.  That marriage was like the dish: It was just there, it took up space, that's it.  


Lord, I apologize for that.  

Thank you, Jesus, for dying on a cross for the times I say comments as above.  Amen.
 Fun quilt.  $19.  Wal-Mart.  The quilt covers an ugly glass 90's contemporary balcony thing.  If you have one of those ugly glass 90's contemporary balcony thingy's in your house I'm sorry I said that - twice.  Sorry.  Regarding the quilt: I liked the colors.  But it's moveable.  Should I move it?  Advil?!!
 This is what it boils down to thus far in this living room transformation journey.  Scroll down and take it in....

 I realize this wall is a point of need.  Pray for this wall.

Pray for this wall too while you're at it.  

 This, ladies and gents, this is a bronzed tumbleweed I got from my "I-do" family for my birthday last year.  It's awesome.  Total awesomeness.  Does it work in this room?  Should I keep it with the western decor stuff (which is now in my bedroom)?  Anyone have a nasal cannula handy?  I'm a mess.  
It's in a corner.  Somewhat covering up a scrawny lamp and lamp cord.  I realize you probably can't get past the poor lamp.  I realize it's like Lindsey Lohan hiding behind Oprah.  But Focus.  

Okay, you're up!!  What should stay?  What should go?  What should be burned?  Maybe the whole room should be burned.  I need comments.  I need feedback.  I need salt.  I'll call ya.

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  1. Hi DeeAnne!
    I love the green, so pretty! And I like your bird wall as it is, it is simple and artistic
    at the same time. :)



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