Saturday, June 25, 2011

Guy Time

I arranged for some of my guy's guys to come over.  It was worth it.

Guys need guy time. 

A time to eat burgers and a time to say "duuuuuuuuude" to each other.

A time to forget the napkin and a time to make car noises.

A time to laugh and a time to pass the Ketchup. 

A time to re-enact movie scenes and a time to tell stories.

Stories involving guns and ammo, air compressors, out running the cops, buddies peeing on cars at drag races, fire and objects they exploded, vice grip pliers, lawn mowers, and bacon.

I'll have to make this a regularly scheduled kind a thing.  But today, he's all mine.  

After I wake him up.

Have an awesome Saturday!

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