Monday, June 27, 2011

Dear Ladies: Guys Are Cool

They are uninhibited--when you let them.    

Don't be a drag and a nag.  If you are, shame on you.  You could be married to a flight attendant in his forties.

Be adventurous.

Follow him into the rugged terrain of manlihood one day.

Watch him consider a worthy way to light his hair on fire.

And if he has enough fuel to do it.

Be fun.
Be there just for him.
Compliment his masculinity.  He will love you for it.

 Photograph him with vigor.  Pretend you're a photographer hired to cover THIS ONE GUY at a motorsports event.  Encourage him to turn it up!  

Grin at him.

Hold your arm up and scream "go FASTER!"  

Pray in tongues when he does.

 And while you're speaking to God, praise him for giving you the greatest gift He knew you needed.  Then give your man the biggest cheer of his life after he shows you a little of what he's made of

when you're not putting him down... 

          or nagging him about what could happen if he does X, Y, Z....

                          or boobing about the sand being one with your lip gloss.

                                           Just shut up.  Eat bacon.  

                                                                He will love you more. 

He'll take pictures of the coolest wife in the world.  Cause you are.

He'll kiss you better.  

He'll say your badonk looks awesome in your jeans.  

One who loves guys.  Especially mine.  He's like, so cool.  

 "Better to live on a corner of the roof than share a house with a contentious wife."  Proverbs 21:9

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