Friday, June 24, 2011

Friends, Bibles & Pasta: Hen House Study Week 4 Re-Cap

For SOME reason, these people come a long way to read the Bible with me.
They bring me ice and writing pens...
And eat my cooking.  Where have they been all my life?
"They come...
They eat...
They leave"...Name that darling movie everyone should own. 
Eleven new friends feasted on pasta and buttery crispy bread.
Since they travel over the river and through the woods to get here, I feel a maternal urge to feed them.  Pasta is a great way for women to get to know each other in this world.  The secret ingredients of sugar and basil zings us into bonding.  Like shoes.  
Like Jaci's shoes (silver, strappy, night at the Oscar's sandals.  She wore these with a pretty light blue lacy blouse.  Say "light blue lacy blouse" as fast as you can five times right NOW)....
And Kristen's shoes (this was a smarty pants move on her part.  Last night was her fist time at H.H.S. and she wore the best conversation piece of the evening.  Note to self: If you want to make friends quickly, wear fabulous shoes.  Works best with Audrey Hepburn legs).
If you missed the study, you missed the pedicures.  This is Alysson....and Alysson's toes.  She came from California.  So did her toes.  The polka dots were divine and desired.  
Timi came.  She's growing a lil' spud in her womb.  I'll be able to hold and smell and kiss his wittle cheeks off in August.  I love Timi's lavendar top with the charming sleeves. She's my June Cleaver; my Meredith Vierra; and if you missed her post this week about saving money and finding great deals, here it is:
Sara the Incredible.  Loved her necklace.  The chain was shiny.  The square shape was hip.  The orange details were beautiful.  I put a Post-it note on it when she left with my name written ensuring the necklace will be returned to me upon her death.  Other Post-it note worthy necklaces can be found on my cousin's Jewelry Shoptique blog.  Click, browse, buy.  Tell her I sent you.  I'm her favorite relative.
We did read the Bible.  
After the pasta.
After Kristen's shoes stopped soaking up all the attention.  
I love the scene of a bible study.  Bibles, pens, noses in the text, bellies full of noodles....
Beautiful tan girls from California.  Look at that face.  I had to feed her.  It's what I do.  She had that "are you my mother?" look so I instinctively gave her extra pasta.  And a Zegrid.
Dear Mom: I did it.  I pulled off making dinner for 10 people.  My dishes were out, my bread was crispy and everything was ready at the same time.  They even done 'et it all, thank the Lord.  
Your First Born Daughter.

Next Hen House Study is July 14th.  

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