Thursday, May 26, 2011


There are 3 May birthdays in our family: husband, sister & cute brother-in-law.  We gathered, we partied, we noshed.  
First, I would like to point out my Martha Stewart mom's fruit platter.  
I love her.  
And I hate her.  
I mean, how are you suppose to feel when someone walks in with that kind of culinary creation?  So I raised my hand and said, "I made lemonade!" 
*crickets chirping*
My precious baby lamb nephew.  I bought twisty straws just for him.  He dug it.  He sucked it.  He went home with it.  

 I would like to take this opportunity to thank the people who lived here before we did for leaving behind their super-duper deluxe kid-crazy play set.  
 My baby nephew loves it.  I swing on it too.  
At night.
After all the lights in my surrounding neighbors houses are off.
I wear black.
 He is such a sweet, happy love!

 THIS is the face of a baby boy who is already a motor head.
That's my husband in the blue.  He was born May 4th.  I love May 4th.
 This is a picture of a daddy looking into the eyes of his baby.  
Mother, brother, 4 wheeler =trouble
 This is my sister and her baby watching husband and daddy having fun.
If you've ever wondered if 4-wheelers are fun, look at this picture of my brother-in-law.  4-wheelers are a blast.  
Until you run into a sand dune at full throttle in front of your husband.
Because you've forgotten how to stop.
Because you froze up and forgot where the breaks were.
And then you eat it.
And then the machine falls on top of you.....but that's another post on a different day.
Where was I?
This is my punk little sister riding in our pasture. 

She screamed a lot but survived.
I like her in yellow.

 This is my dad.  Having a military background driving and riding in those huge military-esque Hummers, this machine was a bit amateur.  Thanks for throwing us a bone anyways, dad.

Next lover.
My true north....

The source of my heiny tingles....
The reason for my abdominal flutterbyes
I like him.

 Silence falls upon the crowd as "the pro" mounts his steed
 And we all watched my Knight rip it up and do wheelies.  Did I spell that right?  "Wheelies"?

 I didn't get pics of his amazing stunts.  Just this one where he's circling and building up speed.  I was busy holding my breath, closing my eyes and hoping life insurance pays for 4-wheeling causes of death.
 His triumphant return.  He rocked.  He scored.  He's mine.  All of him.  Forever.  And ever.  
 My dad brought 3 birthday cakes for each birthday person.  My sister's baby shared hers.

Two guys are in their own worlds figuring something out individually.  Then, in the middle, is my sister's beautiful smile.  
 Candles were lit.  Wishes were made.  Smoke was everywhere.
I love every one of these people.  Great day.  Great food.  Great fun. my family.

"But for those who honor the Lord, his love lasts forever, and his goodness endures for all generations."  Psalm 103:17

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