Thursday, May 19, 2011

His Stance


1. The way in which someone stands; a person's posture.
2. The position or bearing of the body while standing.

My man has a stance.  He has a working stance, a socializing stance, a "tellin'-ya-the-way-it-is-in-Jesus'-Mighty-Name" stance.  His stance comes out while he works, while he looks at something, while he reads, while he opens mail, while he fixes the weed-wacker, while he puts the belt back on my Kirby vacuum (cause I can't), while he puts oil in my car, while he figures out how to repair something I've broken (this happens a lot) get the idea.

I captured his stance on my iPhone camera in Best Buy a couple months ago.  He has his long hair in these pics.  Oh!--how I loved his long locks!  These pictures give me the heiny tingles, the butterflies, the "I MUST KISS YOU N-O-W" swoons.  It is my pleasure to share them with you.  I love him.

"How handsome you are, my lover!  Oh, how charming!"  
Song of Songs 1:16

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