Monday, May 30, 2011

Jesse & Alfalfa, Alfalfa & Jesse

I am absolutely positive you can't say your dog's "been there, done that" on this one.  This is Jesse.  She's a Standard Poodle and she has a peculiar comfort food: Alfalfa!

My Auntie Margaret gave me a gift bag full of Alfalfa when we got married last year.  One day, I left it by the front door as a reminder to take it to the barn.  Next thing I know, I find Jesse doing this......

 Alfalfa was all over my floor.
 This is Jesse napping contently after her "comfort food" snack.....
 This is my little brown-eyed Sandie communicating her "what the?"
 Sandie and Diesel had NOTHING to do with the goods.  Sandie walked away confused....
My Diesel-Love-Muffins went back to his baby.....  
And Jesse saw all was right with the world.  Maybe we all need a little Alfalfa in our lives.  

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