Saturday, May 28, 2011

Question about sweepers: outdoor AND indoor use?

It's a sunny Saturday.            
 That means yard work day.
 That means I get to watch my man use machinery.
 That means I get to feel my heart pound.
  That means I get to take pictures of my favorite person. 
 Which means I didn't do much work.
 Which means I got to watch him more.
 This is our riding lawn mower with the sweeper on the back
 It is the absolutely ONE AND ONLY time he cleans up after himself.
 He stayed home sick from work yesterday with the cold I lovingly passed onto him.
I came home last night and the house was a wreck.  How does one precious man make such a HUGE mess?
Coke bottles, cereal boxes, tissues, candy wrappers, popsicle wrappers, blankets, pillows, crackers, squeeze cheese containers...
So here is my question: Should I take this sweeper inside my house to clean the mess?  Anyone?........Bhueler?
Heads up!  I think he knows we're talking about him.  Let me know if you would take a sweeper inside your house.  Thanks for the feedback.  Gotta go.  Like, now.

I think I'm in trouble.

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