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Hen House Study: Ruth Week 2--There will be BRUSCHETTA!

"...how often would I have gathered thy children together, even as a hen gathereth her chickens under her wings."  
Matthew 23:37 KJV
Hen House Study: Ruth 1:19-22
Thursday, May 12th @ 7 p.m.
There will be BRUSCHETTA to eat courtesy of Lindsey Lowe!!  

Naomi’s Migration and Return
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Refresher~Elimelech & Naomi: Left a famine stricken Bethlehem with their two sons to arrive at Moab and stayed there.

Orpah: How many depart from Christ at this fork in the road!  Like Orpah, many go a mile or two with Christ, till He takes them from their worldly hopes, desires, lusts, plans, etc. and asks them to prepare for hardship, and then they kiss him good-bye.

Ruth: Ruth is a story about entry from the heathen world into the kingdom of God.  She came out of Moab, an idolatrous people full of sin, and is herself so tenderhearted and pure.  In a land where lusts and sensuality formed elements of idol worship, a woman appears, as wife and daughter, chaste as a rose.  Ruth’s belief in God, and his beloved people originated in the home of her married life.  It sprang from the love and conduct of one Israelite woman (Naomi) in a foreign land.  Ruth’s love for her mother-in-law, led to the God whom both women confessed.

Read Ruth 1:18 (FYI: I like the KJV on this one) & Acts 21:14.
·      How did they agree to travel together to Bethlehem?

o   Describe Ruth’s standpoint

o   Describe Naomi’s standpoint

Research~From the following scriptures, what is significant about Bethlehem? 

·      Genesis 35:19
·      1 Samuel 17:12
·      2 Chronicles 11:6
·      Micah 5:2
·      Matthew 2:5,6
·      Luke 2:4-7

Read Ruth 1:19-22

1.    Did Ruth and Naomi arrive safely to Bethlehem?
2.    God protected them; even Ruth, a NREOGIREF (unscramble this word and write it inside the box below)

 How did the city react to Naomi’s return? 

Go Deep~Look up verse 19 in an Amplified Bible and fill in the blank: “So they both went on until they came to Bethlehem.  And when they arrived in Bethlehem, the whole town was_____________________ about them, and said, is this Naomi?” [i]

·      What is the definition of the word you filled in? (that’s right, pull out the good ol’ dictionary and muscle through this one with me!)

4.    What was the cities response?  (Read Ruth 1:19, Matthew 21:10 & Lamentations 2:15)

5.    What is Naomi’s attitude?  Whom or what does she blame for her misfortunes? 

6.    What new name did Naomi (“pleasantness, delight”) give herself?  Write the name and it’s meaning in the box below:

Naomi rightly discerned God doesn’t necessarily bring only good circumstances into our lives, but He also brings difficulties at times.  God used heavy things to get Naomi’s attention.  Naomi may not have this insight at this stage as she tells her story to her people.  She appears bitter, yet she may not be complaining but confessing.  Have you been there?  Good grief, I have!  Read Hebrews 12:6.

Read verse 21
Underline it!~“I went out full, and the Lord has brought me home again empty.” [ii] (Emphasis mine) 

She left __________with a husband and two sons then returned ___________ with no family but whom?

Go Deep~Let’s look at another example of bitter circumstances: Read Job 1.  Yes, the entire chapter.  This is the good stuff.  “Off we go!”

Whew!  Are you still with me?  Job 1 is heavy.  At this moment, I’m recalling a little saying my mother-in-law says from time to time: “Wow!  I’ll take my own set of problems, thank you!” 

“Many of the Old Testament saints faced trials and tests far beyond their human ability.  One of the greatest rewards of these struggles is that they prepare us to worship and serve God, to die to self and live for Jesus….God always blesses those who suffer in obedience to his call.” [iii]

Now that I’ve had you walking with me for a few minutes through this study, let’s walk faster and build up a sweat together.  Pick up your pen!

·      List everything Job lost:

·      What was Job’s reaction to his circumstances? (verse 20)

·      What strikes you about verse 21?  Any comparison with Ruth 1:21?  I want to know your thoughts!  Talk to me, girl!

7.    In what period did Naomi and Ruth arrive Bethlehem?  (verse 22)
  • Research~What is the significance of the Barley Harvest?  The answer starts       with the letter “P”.  The Barley Harvest is the time of the:

Good work!

“When do the backslider and the baby Christian, so to speak, come to Bethlehem, the House of Bread—and Judah, the Place of Praise?  During Passover—through the death and Resurrection of Jesus Christ.  That’s always where it starts—when we recognize and realize that Jesus Christ is the One who died for our sin. 

Fifty days later—during Pentecost—we will see Boaz marry Ruth.  The experience of Pentecost is the culmination of our salvation—when we allow Jesus Christ to fill us and overflow us with His Holy Spirit.”  [iv]

You did it!~ A+ girlfriend!!  You didn’t allow yourself to get discouraged in the trenches getting through Ruth chapter 1.  I’ve learned something about you so far, you’re not afraid to learn and get into the Word.  Keep this kind of hearty pursuit for God as we begin chapter 2 next time where we will work with Ruth the Moabite in the fields, getting dirty, blistering our hands, working up the kind of sweat which trickles down our backs as we determine to glean everything God has for us in His Word (the Bible).  But for now, take a hot shower with some kind of delicious smelling shower gel and then go to bed early.  You’ve earned it!   I love you.  Thank you for reading the Bible with me.

[i] The Amplified Bible Large Print copyright 1987 by Zondervan and the Lockman Foundation
[ii] The Nelson Study Bible New King James Version Copyright 1997 by Thomas Nelson, Inc.
[iii] In Touch Magazine Feb 2011 Intimacy With God In Touch Ministries
[iv] Jon Courson’s Application Commentary, Old Testament, Volume 1: Genesis—Job, Copyright 2005 Jon Courson
*Clipart courtesy of FCIT

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