Sunday, November 25, 2012

Warning! Electric Fence.

Warning: Forthwith comes a teaching moment between man and steer.  Your husband will laugh, you will sniffle.

B-Lowe had some guy stuff to do.

Which required easy access in and out of the gate.

 Which required the need to not have to deal with the gate.

 But he had to keep the steer in it's designated area--behind the gate.

Said gate is rigged with electricity.

This is the gate.

We need to keep this guy BEHIND the gate.

How many times have I said "gate"?

I'm just trying to emphasize the importance of barricading a 700 lb steer.

With an ear tag #925.

Which has nothing to do with the story.

B-Lowe came up with a plan.

1. Open gate without getting shocked (err, you'll pee 'yur pants!).

3. Remove electric wire from across the back of the gate.

4. He's good at everything he does.

5. Make sure the gate stays open.

6. Watch the cow watching you.

7. Watch the cow get closer to your husband holding electricity in his hand.  

8. HURRY!  Break into song with BIG arm motions: "Stop!  In the name of love!"

 "Before you break my heart!" 

"Think it O-O-O-VER!" 

"Think it O-O-O-VER!" 

"Think it O-O-O-O..."  *ZING! ZAP! SNAP, CRACKLE, POP!*  He took it right on the nose. 

 There he goes....


B-Lowe carefully crawls back to the other side with electric barrier in place.

Will he stay?

Did he learn?

The re-approach.



One step for man!

And another.

And another.



Do bovine think?

Their scientific name is Bos Primigenius.

See, you get an education here, at The Lowe Down blog.

Is it just me, or is he staying put?



we're THERE!

Good work, B-Lowe.  

"Cowboy's are born.  They ain't made." -- unknown

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