Thursday, November 22, 2012

Happy Thanksgiving

A brief list this morning:

1. We've been working late into the nights this week building a shelter for this guy.

2. This guy likes the 4-wheeler.  See photos above (and below).

3. I love cows.

4. I love black and white cows.  Their easy to find.

5. I filled up his water bucket this morning.

6. My feet got cold.

7. My husband bought me a pair of overalls.

8. I look cute, but, I need to keep doing sit-ups.

9. Boot camp almost killed me last night.  I don't know WHY I went back for more.

10. I'm not cooking Thanksgiving this year.  My mother-in-law, Mamma Sita, is.

God bless her soul.

11. I love family.

I love extended family.

I love my neighbors.

12. I love Thanksgiving.

13. I need to wash my hair.

Maybe tomorrow.

14. I'm grateful for our military away from home today so we can be home safe with our loved ones.

I'm thinking about my husband's cousin's husband, Michael.  Did you follow that train?  I'm here to help.

He has been overseas for months honorably serving and sacrificing his time with his own family.  They have a new baby girl he hasn't met in person yet.

Hi Kristine and baby Kiwi!

15.  Jesse, the Standard Poodle, has a new Thanksgiving scarf on today.

16. Diesel has no clue what day it is.

17. My momma's birthday is this Sunday.  She's the best thing that ever happened to this world.

18. I hope you all get the dark meat or the light meat you want to eat off your turkey.

I'm going to be fighting over the dark meat with my sister-in-law, Sweet Lindser later.  I feel it coming.

I've got to get my husband out of bed first.

19. I love you all!  Happy freakin' Thanksgiving!!!!

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