Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Love and Marriage

Every night, I remove my eye make up with Mary Kay Oil-Free Eye Make Up Remover on cotton balls.  I then toss the soiled cotton balls into the toilet bowl, next to the sink.  Sometimes I forget to flush.

The other night, after I finished removing my make up and brushing my teeth, B-Lowe entered the bathroom.  Shortly thereafter, he hollers: 

"OHHH!  Ewww!!!!  Honey, PLEASE-PLEASE flush the toilet after you poop every night.  I'm so tired of walking into this crap when it's my turn to come in here!"

I told him they were cotton balls.

"You use COTTON BALLS to wipe your butt?!?!"

Please press play:

Yur Lil' Cotton Ball


  1. Hahahaha!!! I'm sitting here, alone, in an office full of people, giggling to myself. Hee hee heeee!!!!

  2. What I saw was a pig snout in the toilet.
    Was thinking holy crap DeeAnne has a pig stuck in her toilet...yippie I'm gonna get to see how she gets it out on the Lowe down! I'll admit I was a bit let down when it was just cotton balls! lol


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