Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Missing Them.

I had family over last weekend.  I wanted to share some images of the beloved damage I hated to clean up.

This is where my nephew drew Tic-Tac-Toe on my coffee table.  I left it there for 3 days.  I hated moving it.

So, it's on my fridge until I die.

B-Lowe was HERE!

And here.  

Dishes.  See that to-die-for golden bowl on your right?  It's my sister-in-law's, Jamie Shopper Pants.  I love the design.  

Remnants of Fritos which accompanied my other sister-in-law, Lindser Windser's, sensational Chili.  

I ate a lot of it.

Because it's sensational.

This is what is left of the veggie tray.  I'm posting this so my Trainer, Marshall Maximus sees I ate something healthy so I don't get in trouble at boot camp.

More on my pulled groin muscles later.  Or is that T.M.I.?

Soda pop--and lots of it.  Cousin Farmer Jon drank most of the Pepsi.  Thank you, Farmer Jon, for drinking most of the Pepsi, or I would have.

Mama Sita brought gluten-free cupcakes.  Their gone, baby, gone!

My table is left with the following:
  • Fragments of frosting and candy from the ginger bread cookies the kiddies decorated.
  • Paper towels for runny noses and chili caked mouths.
  • Diet Mountain Dew enjoyed by my brother-in-law, Mike.
  • Finger prints from everyone in the universe with posable thumbs.
What a cool day with cool people.  I'm missing every one of them.

I must end this post abruptly as Diesel is, ahem, "loving" one of my living room pillows.  My mother would die.

Over and out!

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