Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Sometimes I Text B-Lowe For Help

Thursday: I mowed the lawn on the riding lawn mower.  

Friday: I needed to use the sweeper to pick up grass clippings, dog poop, duck poop, feathers, the ribbons which fell out of Jesse's ears, the hair that falls out of my head, leaves, you get the point. 

I digress...the sweeper had to be hitched to the back of the lawn mower.  Before me were the following items:
  1. A gold pin with a handle on it.
  2. 2 silver rings.
  3. Metal pieces with holes in them.
I texted B-Lowe the following picture.  No words, just the picture.

He texted back: "They go on either side of the plate the pin goes through."

I then texted him THIS picture:

He texted back: "Never mind."  He came home that night and hitched the contraption up for me.  God love him!

Sunday: I tried to get the 4-wheeler going by myself but to no avail.  I texted B-Lowe...

Me: "4 wheeler won't start."

B-Lowe: "Hold the brake.....while you turn the key."

Me: "It doesn't start."

B-Lowe: "Put it in neutral...........never mind."

He came home and fixed it.  God love him!

Last night, while driving home from work on the interstate, a light came on I'd never seen before.  I called B-Lowe, no answer.  I didn't panic.  I'm 36 years old--Im beyond panic.  I took a picture of the image and texted it to him with this caption: "What is that?!!  What does that mean?!!  WHAT DOES IT ALL MEAN?!!!"

I was sure my car was about to explode, or implode or...something horrible.  I waited for a word from B-Lowe.  

Crickets chirped.

My heart raced.  I panicked.  I prayed in tongues.  

I took another photo, this time bigger and brighter and sweat built up in my arm pits.  I made it home.

This morning: I begged B-Lowe to please take my car today because I am too scared to drive it.  "Something is very, very wrong with my car,"  I told him.  "There's this picture of half of a car, with a hammer sticking out of the side, or maybe the trunk.  Is there someone in my trunk?!!  They say if a perpetrator locks you in a trunk, you should try and knock out a tail light.  I want YOU to drive it today and maybe fix it.  Maybe look in the trunk."

He walked over to my car...

He opened the gas tank door...

He looked down and said, "Yur gas cap is off."  He twisted the cap on, shut the door and said,  "Have a nice day."  He walked away grinning, chuckling--walking that walk he does when he reins supreme in my world.

I went in the house and re-applied my Liplicious Tasty Lip Color in Fresh Mulberry from Bath & Body Works.

I sorted laundry.

I went back outside, coffee in hand, and watched my goslings swim in a hot pink kiddie pool.  I basked in the security I felt knowing I'm 36 years old, and my gas cap is on tight.

The end.


  1. so funny! The goslings are adorable :) How is Harriett?

  2. She tried to put a little weight on that leg this morning. I'm vigilant about giving her meds twice a day. I'm still praying. Love you!


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