Saturday, April 20, 2013

Just Call Me, "Mother Goose"

Why Geese?

Because they are sociable birds.

Because they are attractive birds.

Because you always have company when you are working outside.

Because they are always happy to see or hear us.

Because they always have something to say and like a chat.

Because they are bold as brass.

Because they have character.

Because they make us laugh.

Because when one does something, the others follow.

Because they are extremely tame and appealing.

Because they eat grass and weeds.

Because they offer rest and relaxation.

Because they are alert and vigilant.

Because I love them.

On another note: LOOK whose back in the water!

Harriet the duck contracted a horrible infection in the bone in her leg.

She has a fantastic vet who gave her care, compassion, x-rays and antibiotics.

We hope this means she is making a come back.  Please continue to pray for her.  

I'm off to nuzzle my goslings and listen to their tiny squeaks.  I hope your Saturday is as happy as mine is!!!!

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