Saturday, March 16, 2013

Springy Saturday

I made this Springy decor with my mom.  We bought the wood block cut outs at Wood Connection.  We glued scrap book paper on each letter, hot glued ribbons and fake flowers.  The buttons are my great grandmother's from my mom's button box.  Then, my 4 year old nephew carefully placed the green bling on the letter "g", which I'll never change.  I love them.  

Then, Jesse brought one of the real life ducks into my house everybody!

I thought I heard a duck in close proximity while I was upstairs.  When I headed downstairs, Jesse was having a visit with Nellie the Duck in my living room.

My rug has since been cleaned and many feathers were sucked up with the vacuum.

My sister took her kids to the St. Patrick's Day Parade and came home to her cat, Oliver, in her food pantry.  Any thoughts?

And at THIS moment, I have "Wild Kingdom" happening in my backyard.

Ahhhhh, Spring.

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