Saturday, March 15, 2014

I Won't See Him

I lost Diesel yesterday.  I won't see him around anymore.  The reality of a loss always sets in the next day, doesn't it?

My first Pug ever, was Rosie.  She was a foster-adopt situation.  She was transferred from the Katrina disaster to the Humane Society in Phoenix, AZ.  She was being treated for an eye injury, heart-worm and depression.  She lost her owners.  I loved her.  I don't see her anymore, but, she gave me a forever love for Pugs.  Here she is tagging along at a horse show in Scottsdale, AZ.

I won't see him enjoy outings anymore.

I won't see him napping.

I won't see him act kingly around large animals 100x his size.

I won't see him accidentally sit on horse apples.

He's the third dog we've lost over the last year-and-a-half.

He could get along with anything that walked.

He would share a good dog pillow with any of them.  I won't see that anymore.

I won't see him with Jesse who licked his ears.

I won't see him with his baby.

Or this baby.

Or this baby.  We buried him with this one.

I won't see him on the couch.

I won't see him having a snooze-fest beside the fireplace.  Oh, how he loved the fireplace!

I won't see him enjoying a good-ol' basket of clean laundry (B-Lowe won't miss that).  

I do have these pictures.  

I do have the comfort knowing I put his pain before my own and let him go.  

I do have my love for Pugs that will continue to infinity and beyond.

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