Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Justice for B-Lowe

A lot has happened.

I grew a baby in my womb.

Pushed her out.

Brought her home.

Sent my steer to the butcher.

Stored my year's supply of protein.

I used to post pictures of B-Lowe's crap on the side table in our family room.  Bullets, wallet, Coke cans, pocket change, Reese Pieces wrappers, and publicly whine about the mess he made.

Now, this is MY mess on the side table.

Hospital grade breast pump, aka, Ford engine with a V8 grade vacuum.

Hand sanitizer, disposable breast pad, bottle, baby monitor, remote controls, Diet Coke cans, breast pump tubing.....Justice for B-Lowe happens now.

Sorry B-Lowe.  

Your lactating, squishy-bellied, smelly, stained-shirted wife.  

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