Thursday, June 20, 2013

An Evening With Geese

Ever wonder what its like hanging out with Geese on a Summer night?  Come on in!

They've spotted us!

They are awake now and will shortly be on their feet.  There goes Sammie, the biggest bird in town.

Gerty and Ruby are less motivated.

Give them a second.

On their feet.

Singing a tune...something about a guy named Ol' McDonald and a farm.

Woop...they're looking a bit groggy.

Ruby stretches her leg and left wing.


That's the sound they make when they get good extension.

Next, Gerty's stretch.



Sammie remembered her own Jane Fonda moves.  She got up, walked past Gerty, and stretched out like a yoga pro.



She had to top off some crab grass before bedding down again.

Sometimes, you can't pass up crab grass.  I passed up a $50 pillow in a store today with my mom.  

And that's it, friends.

THIS, is an evening with Geese.  

And a Poodle.

Lying directly next to the Geese.


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