Friday, February 1, 2013

Vertigo & Jesse

I started a boot camp exercise class two months ago.

I got a good deal: Class three days a week, a superb personal trainer and a meal plan.

Three weeks in, vertigo rested upon me and stayed put.

At work, I'm dizzy just sitting at my desk.

I fell to my knees last Saturday, just filling up a coffee can with grain.  When I looked up, the world was spinning.  All I could focus on was Harriet the duck starring at me.  There were two or three of her for a few minutes.  

At boot camp class,  I can't exercise without having to lay down and put my legs up against the wall every ten minutes.  It's such a confidence builder.

I went to the doctor yesterday.

All tubes in my ears have too much fluid in them and I have a crystal imbalance.

Which means no driving and no exercise until I'm better.

Which also means I must take a water pill and an anti-inflammatory pill.

Which means, here's to pee-ing and fatigue!  La-Chaim!

Additionally, I'm to avoid any activities that trigger "spells".

Somehow, I must break it to Jesse I can't be her audience anymore as she runs at mach speeds, back and forth, running the steer up and down along the fence, lest I fall over.

She's a whole different can of worms.  I better sleep on this one.

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  1. Oh no!! No bootcamp?! I can't believe how awesome you've done all this time even though you have been not feeling quite right. I sure hope the crystals get balanced quickly! (Funny about crystals in our ears though, huh? A co-worker has a problem with this but it's due to a ladder falling on him at a hardware store! Yikes!)


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