Saturday, February 2, 2013

Genuine, Bonafide, Lead Bullets

I'm out of commission with vertigo so my handsome prince is making bullets with a real live melting pot in the garage.  I tried to capture the moments for you but some of the pictures are blurry.  This could be because:

1. B-Lowe's movements were quick due to the handlement of hot, liquid lead, or;

2. My vertigo.  It's a toss up.

This is hot, liquid lead in a casting furnace.  It would melt your face off.  

B-Lowe pulls a lever downward and the hot, liquid led fills the bullet mold.

Like so.

And so.

Next, he takes a hammer handle (or do I say he uses the handle of a hammer?) and bangs the mold to remove the excess hardened liquid from around the bullet already formed inside the mold.  

Then he firmly shakes it off.  "Shake it off, man!"  He really needs me around.

Then, he opens the mold and beautifully formed lead bullets fall out onto a wet cloth.  And the angels sing...."La!"

Aren't they purdy?  I wonder if he can make me some genuine, bonafied bullet jewelry?  Betcha I could market somethin' like that to Cal Ranch.  Better sleep on that one.  

Gotta go, water pill's doing it's job.  

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