Wednesday, January 23, 2013

My Wednesday Haps

Time for more hay and duck feed.  Just got home.  I'm going to unload and stack everything by myself.

No, no, it's okay!  I work out.

Okay, B-Lowe isn't home.

Hey, Porterhouse!  How about you come help me with YOUR grub!

I can totally see you, dude!

Where are those ducks?  They need to pull their weight around here.  Little turkeys!

Hey girls!  Come get your heavy scratch and feed bags out of the truck and drop it in your living quarters.

Harriett?  Token?

Nellie?  Anybody?  

I just pulled this 5 foot bailing twine out of the steer's mouth.  It was already chewed up and a ways down his esophagus.  Ever been there?

I'd expound, but apparently Jesse has an errand to run and without posable thumbs, I'm the chauffeur.

I have to do everything around here.  It's hopeless.


  1. lol!!! I pulled a bungie cord out of our steer's mouth about 2 weeks ago :)

  2. Jessie looks so neat and proper, sitting there all pretty!


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