Saturday, July 2, 2011

An Idaho Family Reunion

I can summarize my experience at B-Lowe's family reunion into a few bullet points:
  • Red headed baby
  • Sisters and their shoes
  • Kick ball (sort of)
  • The bathroom
That's it.  That's all I remember because that's all that mattered.
Upon arrival I made a B-line straight for this baby.
I didn't know her and she didn't know me.  
But she had me at hello.
Eventually I did introduce myself to her mother.  We work for the same company and wear the same brand of cowgirl boots.  We loved each other.
So she let me take pictures of her baby.
Oh that baby.
I suddenly wasn't at a family reunion anymore.  I only had eyes for her.  The curly locks, the bright delphinium eyes, the rose bud lip-age, the milky skin, that darling outfit.  My ovaries hurt.  Her mother and I write.
Behind me sat double trouble: Sisters!
I interviewed them.  It's what I do.
It's the result of growing up with a mom who liked Bawbawa Wawtews interviews.  Interrogation stayed with me forever.  My findings were as follows:
  • They are sisters.  Stay with me.
  • They both married brothers.  Not theirs, other ones, from different parents, from another state.  I'm all about clarification here at The Lowe Down.
  • They both have a strange mojo going on: they buy the same stuff without even seeing each other and find out about it later and laugh.  They provided examples and I have proof......

Their shoes. They both bought the same shoes and showed up at the reunion in them and there wasn't any communication or know about its before hand.
Isn't that precious?
Moving on: kickball.  B-Lowe's aunt coordinated it.  There's my mother-in-law, Mama Sita. FYI: If you can't find her, find kids and you'll find her.  
Isn't she the prettiest thing?  I couldn't wait to get pictures of this game.  But then I turned around and saw....
Him I love.  Over him I swoon.  
In him I find this lover's tune.  
I love him more.  It's not a chore.  
He's the guy I miss and reminisce.  
You can't have him cause he's mine.  
If he wasn't here, I couldn't rhyme.

These things just come out whenever I see him 
Or his heiny.  I start to rhyme and cook.  He likes neither. 

More on that later.  I want to show you where I spent most of my time at this event......
The restroom.  Diet Coke + to-die-for-babies + mingling = WHERE IS IT?!!!

I enjoyed its location.  It's a nice walk. 
 When your bladder is empty.
There were these groovy barn doors in the stalls.  I totally would have chose them.  I felt at home.
In more ways than one.

This is the end of the roll.  For today.

Drip drying,
Mrs. Lowe

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