Saturday, August 11, 2012

Tyler's Back Pack

My brother, Tyler.
A serious outdoorsman.
He could survive anywhere.
I went over to my mom's to see what was new and exciting.
Tyler had a new backpack for an upcoming hiking and camping trip with some buddies.
Our conversation went like this: "Nice backpack, buddy."
Tyler: "Thanks"
Me: "So, it's like, for holding a lot of stuff, right?"
Tyler: "Mmm hmm."
Me: "Will you show my readers how to properly mount up?"
Position #1:  Place backpack on the ground next to you, face down.
Position #2: Grab hold of the top of the pack.
Position #3: Brace pack against your knee while slipping your arm through one of the handles.
Position #4: Swing pack around to your back and place free arm through the unoccupied strap.
Like so.
Then you'll look like so.
What would you do without this blog?

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  1. I was TOTALLY wondering about these things!! (Love all the new posts lately! It's so nice to see some new faces showing up in my reading list!)


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