Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Piglets...the cute bacon.

There were new piglets at the fair!  Tiny, black piglets, with their mamma.  I have been reading about pigs.  To my surprise, they are super friendly and super social and many people housebreak them and the pigs live in their home.

OUTSIDE pigs need shelter, spacious pens, and plenty of water for drinking and mud making.  They do not have the ability to sweat so keeping them cool and out of the sun is vital.

Pigs aren't for everyone.  I recently found an ad in the KSL classifieds where one pleaded for somebody, anybody, to come get his two pigs.  The ad read:

"The wife and I thought pigs would be a good idea.  Turns out it's NOT.  They are free, they are here, they are yours.  Come get them."

I laughed.

Let us not take our bacon for granted.  


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  1. Wonder what happens to all that sweat that they don't sweat???


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