Friday, July 19, 2013

What Have We Here?

This is how B-Lowe woke me up this morning: "Wake up!!  Wake UP!!  Come look outside--quick!!  Hurry, you're going to be so excited!"

I opened my bedroom window which has a full view of the backyard and I saw a female Chinese Goose.

She speaks some English.

Bad joke.

She was alone.

She appeared un-injured, and honked up a storm at her new surroundings and feathered friends.

This is the day I realized my perfect, sweet, baby Buff Geese lack hospitality and are, well, snobs.

They bit her.

They snubbed her.

They threw her to the ducks and left her for dead.  All the while, the Chinese Goose was calm and patient.

New to a camera, however, but she'll get used to that one around here.

There is a reason why I researched Geese for a year before purchasing them.  Chinese Geese can be one of two things:

1. They hate the world and everyone in it.

2. They are kind and loyal, like a dog.

I didn't want to take my chances, so I went with Buff Geese.  This Chinese Goose, however, is sweet as apple pie.

Their world has been rocked.  They take every opportunity to plead their case for Chinese Goose eviction.  They are trying to get the ducks to sign their petition, but the ducks have welcomed the stranger and allow her to lay in the shade with them.  

I caught the new Goose and my husband and I examined her.  The noggin on top of her head is quite worn down on one side (has she been trying to get in or out of something?).

Her nails are very worn down to the quick and have been bleeding.  Has she been kept on cement in someone's yard?  Has she been on a journey far and wide, looking for a home?  Has a previous owner clipped them?  

It's a mystery.  

I'm going to take her to the vet for a check-up. 

Maybe get an idea how old she is.

In the meantime, The Hunger Games is taking place.  Behold, the Tributes!

I'll keep you posted about this sweetheart.

Welcome Chinese Goose!  I need a frickin' fence.

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